Ashley Harris

Ashley was Dante's past girfriend who was taken and embraced by a Tzimisce.


Clan: Tzimisce
Age: Neonate
Status: Clan: ?, Sabbat: ?, City (Seattle): ?

Things True

  • Ashley was recently embraced (April 03rd, 2009) – same day as Dante (her ex-boyfriend).
  • She is a music promoter and seeks spiritual purification through the melding of music and the physical form. Her idea of perfection lies within the medling of these two forms.
  • Ash still has feelings for Dante. They are fleeting and often get lost in her mind as her Tzimisce metamorphosis replaces her humanity. She wishes above all else that Dante had become a Tzimisce as well that fateful night.
  • Ash often returns to the place of her embrace and will stay an entire night there. Ash has taken a handful of earth from that back alley as per her Tzimisce weakness.
  • Ash’s sire is Andrew Basar, a particularly brutal and violent Tzimisce

Prior to her embrace, Ash was your typical punk rocker. She had begun playing bass at an early age and went to every punk rock concert she could. Seattle offered her a rich and rewarding experience in that regard and that is where she met Dante. The two of them dated for a time and grew close – much in part to their love of the same music.

After her embrace, Ash’s desire turned sour. Her Tzimisce blood has warped her sense of what is real and beautiful. She strives to no longer experience and celebrate music, but to control it – to alter the human form with musical anarchy. A few unwitting human guinea pigs have found that out too late (she is fond of picking up groupies and basically torturing them).

Ashley Harris

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