Toreador Neonate. Has little standing within his Clan or with the Camarilla. Is interested in politics and finding purpose in his 'unilfe'.


Clan: Toreador
Age: Neonate
Status: Clan: 0, Camarilla: 0, City (Seattle): 1

Things True

  • Dante was recently embraced (April 03rd, 2009).
  • He has some local fame for his music within Seattle (band Cineris; Showbox Sodo).
  • Dante is rumoured to have a past love that he is forbidden from speaking about.
  • William Ward (Chris PC) is my ghoul.


Alexander Chase Prince? Sure… whatever 1
Fen Lincoln Connection 1
Brogan Docherty Outcast Like Me 1
Rosia Belmonte Moral Project 1
James Has Potential 1
Arkady Personal is Political 1
Dominic Cross I Respect his Anarchy 2
Capitol Hill My Comfort Zone 2

Mad at the world… both of them. The undead and mortal realms alike are the subject of Dante’s visceral rants. He is a rebel, a revolutionary, and an all around pain-in-the-ass (at times). His vocal skill is matched only by his desire to enjoy the ride.

Dante is your typical brooding emotive. He is interested in a lot of things, but finds it hard at times to be “fake” or ingenuine. At heart, he is moved by political issues and the love of his late-mother. He secretly has strong belief-ties to the Anarch movement and wishes to see a structural upheaval or “cleaning out” of the Camarilla.

Dante is incredibly loyal once he gives his word to anyone, but this is rare and friendship needs to be earned. He has suffered loss in his life and enters serious relationships with caution. Most of his personality quirks and behavioural weaknesses are expressed in his music. This outlet is his therapy.


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