Henryk Adamski


Title: Primogen
Clan: Nosferatu
Age: Elder
Status: Clan: 2, Camarilla: 3, City: 3

Things True

  • Henryk stayed out of direct involvement in the successor war directly, but provided information to Prince Rosia for a price.
  • The price of the information (see above) is believed to be his Lordship over the domain of the Underground, which also includes the Subway system.
  • Henryk’s name can be found in history books as one of the many listed Teutonic Knights that would settle for a time in Prague.


James Worthy of more. 3
The Subway My price. 3
Sebastian Kirsch A nazi, and a tremere 2
Rosia Belmonte No purchase will save you now 1

Henryk Adamski

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