William Ward


Clan: Toreador (Ghoul)
Status: Clan: ?, Camarilla: ?, City(Seattle): 2

Things True

  • Dante’s ghoul for two years
  • Struggling to reconcile spiritual dissonance
  • Aspires for the embrace


Cross to William: Evidence of a failure of the masquerade; however, a sometimes-necessary failure.
William to Cross: I had better be careful
William to Chase: The prince, by what authority?
William to Seattle: Place of Work
William to Dante: I need him and he needs me.
William to Bellevue: Place of Residence.
William to Arkady: What kind of Brujah is this?
William to James: Dante thinks he’s okay… I’ll take his word.

William started driving at a young age (14) and loves to drive.

William Ward

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