Madelaine is everything the Toreador want to show the other Clans. She is beautiful, and classically so. Her composure is stalwart and her passion is unmatched.


Clan: Toreador
Age: Elder

Sire to Dante.
Adopted sire to James.

Madelaine is an accomplished singer. Some call her a siren behind her back (she knows and secretly loves it) because of her intense and sometimes over-powerful personality. Her beauty tempers that somewhat, but most give her a wide berth. Madelaine is a proud Toreador – she has worked hard to earn their respect and even the respect of some outside her Clan. She is committed to the Camarilla and politically involved. She means to protect its interests and works tirelessly toward creating continued stability within Seattle.

Things True

  • Madelaine is trying to get Rosia Belmonte to curb her paranoia. Madelaine sees this as reckless and weak and encourages Rosia to be more pragmatic.
  • She likes Mayhew St-Jean and the two of them discuss musical theory together on a regular basis (she enjoys his compnay like no othe Kindred).
  • She is rumoured to have a past that is wrought with loss and trajedy.
  • She has a budding relationship with Cross and sees him as useful.
  • Drew Basar is her arch-enemy. Madelaine does not know that Drew was responsible for the death of her family so long ago.
  • Madelaine was named Harpy of Seattle by Prince Chase.

Madelaine was born in London, England in 1807. She grew up in a fairly affluent family, went to boarding school, and then attended the Royal Academy of Music for classical singing. Madelaine graduated at age 16 (the Academy opened in 1822 and she was one of the first graduates) and saw a hopeful, promising future ahead of her. But that would soon change. Madelaine’s family became the unwitting victim of a sadistic and ruthless Tzimisce. One autumn night in London shortly after Madelaine had turned 17, the Tzimisce Alexandru Basarab would change her life forever. On a feeding frenzy, Alexandru targeted a wealthy looking family walking home frome the theatre (turned out to be Madelaine’s father, mother, and younger sister who were walking home from one of Madelaine’s performances). He followed them home and fed from them all. On his way out, he started a fire and watched as the house and all the occupants burned. Madelaine was at her after-party and when she finally left to return home, she discovered it in flames. She fell into a deep depression, stopped singing, and moved into a Catholic home for runaways and orphans. At the age of 23, she had begun to rebuild her life and found great satisfaction (and healing) in helping the needy. And she started singing again. She also garnered the attention of her soon-to-be sire who was amazed at her singing almost as much as she was astonished by her resilience. She was given the opportunity of the Embrace one rainy night and she has never looked back…


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