Born January 4th, 1885 to a prominent Italian mob family, Nicoli (Nic) lived in Montova, Italy from birth until the age of 13 when his family immigrated to Quebec, Canada. Nic quickly grew accustomed to life in Canada and rose to the position of soldati within the ranks of the mob. Being of staunch Catholic upbringing, Nic would often ponder the meaning of communion and transmutation mentioned in the Bible. On one particular occasion, Nic was sent to kill a rival threat and became morbidly interested in blood and its taste… this quickly became a fascination and Nic soon found himself drinking the blood of his victims and believing this practice to be akin to the transmutation belief of partaking in the blood of Christ. He told no one and secretly carried on this tradition for many years.

Over the years, Nic became comfortable in his new found obsession and his secret was discovered. The family became concerned about this deviant behaviour and planned to have Nic killed – he was far too much of a liability. Within the ranks of the family there was a few members of Belial’s Brood who found associating with the mob provided them with many opportunities to sow death and destruction.

The two Kindred decided that Nic would make a perfect sacrifice for their satanic practices. So, Nic was baited into a situation where the Brood could take him unaware and use him for their evil deeds. Nic was asked by the family (with influence by the Brood) to take out a local city councilman who refused to be bribed and was known to be quite “tough” on criminal behaviour in the city. When Nic arrived at the destination, he found nothing and instead was ambushed by the two Kindred who beat him pretty bad and began preparing him for sacrifice… they would have succeeded had it not been for a quiet observer.

But Nic was also being watched, and had been for some time, by an Osite who had been interested in Nic’s fascination with blood and death. In what seemed but a blink of an eye, the two Belial’s Brood were dispatched and the Osite stood over Nic and made him an offer of immortality and the chance to use his fascination of death for a purpose beyond his wildest imagination. Nic gladly accepted and it was there that he became an Osite. His sire, Alden Parks, had been in Quebec on a mission and soon the two of them returned to Vancouver. Nic was conflicted about leaving his family, but realized now more than ever that he did not fit in and would never be a part of mortal society again.

Nic was introduced to the Kindred community and presented to the Prince of Vancouver. His dedication to family and respect of authority served him well within Kindred circles and soon Nic was being utilized to his full potential. On one occasion, Nic caught the eye of Thomas Payton, a Gangrel and Hound of the city’s Sherriff. Thomas took Nic on a particular assignment that required his expertise – there had been a rash of killings by Belial’s Brood members and Nic was instrumental in “speaking” with the dead and information garnered there helped track down and vanquish the Brood. Ever since that time, Nic and Thomas complemented each other in tracking down their common enemy and ridding the world of
Belial’s Brood one at a time.


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